who we are

We at redsun believe that strength and conditioning is for everyone. We take pride in having built a training system that is accessible for all, coupled it with a fantastic, supportive community and finished it with highly experienced coaches to guide you through. We want to empower you to live better, and we believe that our classes will change your life. Come check us out. We'd love to meet you!

what we do

The training system at redsun is designed for everyone and is universally scalable. Our classes are open for all ages and all fitness levels, from complete novices to experienced competitive athletes. Our coaching team is extremely experienced and workouts are adapted to you as an individual, working around injuries and specific weaknesses.

what is redsun?

Super simple: it is a constantly varied fitness program incorporating functional movements borrowed from gymnastics, weightlifting and different cardio elements (running, rowing, cycling etc).

The goal here is to develop broad fitness and capacity which will allow you to excel at physical task you set yourself. This may be playing with your children, picking up your shopping bags, placing a box on a shelf, running after your bus... and for some, competing at fitness competitions, or as a first responder staying operationally primed. There's no doubt that redsun will improve your fitness, health and general wellbeing.

The best part of redsun though is being part of a community, you're never alone. The importance of social support is that it provides motivation which you won't typically find in a regular gym. Working out within our redsun community makes you feel good, helps motivation and encourages you to push yourself to new limits that you didn't think were possible. You meet new people, share in ups and downs, and grow together. You will become part of a new tribe!

redsun adaptive

At redsun, we are at the forefront of adaptive training. We have pioneered a unique redsun Adaptive Program™ to make it accessible to everyone, including the impaired athlete.

Our coaching staff have specialist degrees in adaptive training and have extensive experience training athletes with physical, intellectual, and developmental impairment. We have successfully applied the methods in the redsun Adaptive Program™ to various clients, with life changing results.

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Updated: on 27/07/2022 at 13:19 am