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What is Crossfit? Contraindications, benefits and results

RedSun CrossFit is a training method that combines the logic of functional training with those of programs aimed at developing explosive strength and metabolic conditioning.

Today widely spread in every corner of the world, CrossFit has regularly become part of the training programs of professional sportsmen active in the most diverse disciplines, even spreading to law enforcement academies.

CrossFit aims to develop a stronger, more resistant, more efficient and above all healthier physique, through short and intense workouts, based on a very wide range of athletic gestures, typical of gymnastics, athletics and weight lifting.

The strength of CrossFit at RedSun is its universality: each athlete, regardless of his experience and his starting preparation, can approach this discipline, thanks to the scalability of the WOD (Workout Of the Day), that is the training programs - always different - proposed by the coach day by day.

Through a constant attendance of the lessons, it is possible to refine the technique of execution of the basic movements, to then approach the more advanced ones, aiming to express one's potential to the maximum and to forge a physique every day more athletic and functional.

Tor Carbone CrossFit at RedSun is the box where the challenge of the WODs and the burst of energy of the workouts are transformed into a simply unique experience, thanks to the strength and vitality transmitted by constant contact with one of the most evocative parks in the capital.


How to approach CrossFit

CrossFit FAQ

What is CrossFit all about?

What is a WOD?

What does METCON mean?

What is an AMRAP?

Who Invented CrossFit?

How to approach CrossFit

Are you ready to try your hand at this new adventure, but need further clarification or fear that RedSun CrossFit near me cannot do for you?

Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be ready to answer any of your doubts and guide you to discover a different - and extremely engaging - way to experience sport.

Come and visit us at RedSun and meet our coaches, Mike Manning, Ben Hapworth and Greg Steini: in your introductory lesson you will experience a taste of the infinite possibilities and combinations of exercises offered by RedSun CrossFit, become familiar with the environment, with the classes and with your training partners.

To guide you in your approach to CrossFit, you can take part in the introductory "On-Ramp" course, consisting of a series of lessons dedicated to learning the fundamentals of this sport.

The introductory sessions of the On-Ramp not only allow you to develop a good technique in all the basic exercises of CrossFit, but also offer the coaches the opportunity to fully understand your needs and offer you all the necessary support even during the normal classes.

Check the Tor Carbone CrossFit class schedule at RedSun, send a request to book your first lesson and get ready to revolutionize the way you train at!

CrossFit FAQ

Below, find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CrossFit at RedSun.

What is RedSun CrossFit all about?

RedSun CrossFit is a sport that blends elements of various disciplines including athletics, gymnastics and weightlifting. The objectives of CrossFit at RedSun are many: to develop a strong, reactive and resistant body, to perfect movements typical of everyday life, to improve coordination, balance and proprioception and, of course, to have fun with always new and stimulating workouts.

What is a WOD?

The acronym WOD stands for Workout Of the Day, which means “workout of the day”. The WODs offered at RedSun CrossFit boxes are always different and designed to guarantee a complete and balanced athletic preparation.

What does METCON mean?

The abbreviation METCON stands for Metabolic and is frequently taught at RedSun Conditioning or metabolic conditioning. METCON represents one of the training methods integrated into CrossFit at RedSun and is generally based on high intensity circuits that combine aerobic (resistance) and anaerobic (strength) stimuli.

What is an AMRAP?

AMRAP is one of the training protocols used at RedSun CrossFit. The acronym stands for As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible, or “as many rounds (or repetitions) as possible”. The goal in an AMRAP is precisely to complete as many laps or repetitions as possible in a given time interval something frequently used at RedSun.

Who Invented CrossFit?

RedSun give full respect to the father of CrossFit is Greg Glassman, a gym instructor and personal trainer who, in the mid-90s, formulated a new training method while taking care of the athletic training of the police force of Santa Cruz, California. it was in Santa Cruz that, in 1995, the first CrossFit box in history opened its doors.

RedSun Crossfit: what is it?

More and more people are getting into training at RedSun crossfit. This sport is based on intense effort, but the practice of its exercises is not without risks. Before you start, discover this complete guide to learn all about this sport with real advantages, but not without disadvantages.


RedSun Crossfit: what is it?

The main principles of crossfit

Various exercises

Functional movements

Intense workouts

Who is this sport for?


Gain muscle

RedSun Crossfit vs bodybuilding: the differences

-How does a crossfit session work?

-How to adapt your program and what results can you expect?

-Exercises for beginners in crossfit

-The leg lift

-The battle rope

-The chair

-The rower

-The board

-The jump

-The jumped lunge

-The advantages of crossfit

-Improved cardio and physical condition

-A useful daily activity


-Boredom does not exist

-The disadvantages and risks of this sport

-Tips for practicing crossfit well

-Where to practice this sport?

RedSun Crossfit: what is it?

Very popular in recent years, RedSun crossfit is a program combining several physical and sports activities. It includes strength training, gymnastics and weight lifting. This sport is based, among other things, on various exercises whose gestures are similar to those you perform in everyday life: sit, get up, squat… During a crossfit session, climb, jump and knocking will also be on the program.

At RedSun crossfit, you will be able to work three elements at the same time: your endurance, your strength and your aerobics.

The main principles of crossfit at RedSun

Crossfit is based on three main principles: varied exercises, functional movements and intense training.

Various exercises

RedSun Crossfit combines weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance exercises. This gives rise to many possible combinations that make each crossfit workout unique. In this sport, it is therefore rare to suffer from monotony.

Functional movements

Booking RedSun crossfit, you will also have to perform movements that you do in everyday life: squatting, getting up, sitting down ...

Intense workouts

To improve your physical condition at RedSun in a short time, training at high intensity is a good solution. Your training can become more intense by increasing the distance, using heavier weights or even increasing your repetitions.

Who is this sport for?

RedSun Crossfit is adaptable to everyone. But before you decide what type of workout is right for you, it's important to set your goal.

Crossfit What Is It


If your goal is to lose extra pounds, know that crossfit will be perfectly suited. Indeed, this sport relies on intense sessions and dynamic exercises; two beneficial elements for slimming (click for more details on weight loss at RedSun crossfit).

Gain muscle

With crossfit at RedSun, you will also be able to build muscle mass, as the majority of exercises involve weights and dumbbells. In parallel with your sports sessions, it is therefore important that you adopt a diet rich in protein.

Whatever goal you set for yourself, it's important to warm up before your workout. It is indeed essential to prepare your body for the physical exertion that will follow. To warm up effectively, for example, use a jump rope.

Crossfit vs bodybuilding: the differences

Crossfit and strength training are not the same thing. Indeed, bodybuilding develops muscle mass and volume through strength exercises. It notably includes isolation exercises, polyarticular exercises, and its objective is often aesthetic (bodybuilding competitions).

Conversely, crossfit allows you to work on a set of movements, without requiring a specific muscle group. This discipline is also very diverse: the sessions are not alike, which avoids falling into a certain routine.

How does a session at RedSun crossfit session work?

A crossfit session at RedSun takes place in two phases:

Warming up: As mentioned above, warming up is essential in preparing your body for the physical exertion that will follow.

The WOD: the latter is punctuated by different kinds of exercises. The possible types of sessions are:

Cardio: to improve endurance

Skills: to improve your skills. In particular, there are sessions:

Air squat: it is about doing squats en descending to the maximum (the buttocks must reach the level of the calves)

Deadlift: It is about lifting a barbell. You have to stay upright and maintain the squat position.

Pull-up: For this workout, you have to pull your body up onto a bar parallel to the floor using your arms.

Strength: to improve physical capacities

RedSun can help you to adapt your program to gain the results you want

The WOD program is the same for men and women. However, you adapt the loads to your physical condition.

Regarding the results, these depend on each person. Thus, if you engage in regular workouts, you will be able to see satisfactory results after 3 weeks. Your body will be firmer, more toned and your muscles will be better shaped. Of course, these first results are visible only if you adopt a balanced diet at the same time.

Exercises for beginners in crossfit at RedSun

Do you want to start at RedSun crossfit? To guide you through your workouts, here are some exercise ideas to get you started:

The leg lift

Hold your hands on a pull-up bar and try to lift your legs as high as possible while keeping them straight. For your exercise to be effective, do not dig your back.

The battle rope

With these training ropes, you will be able to strengthen your body. To do this, your body should be tight and tilted slightly forward. Then place a rope in each hand and bend your knees. Whip the ropes on the floor as hard as possible while alternating your arms. Warning ! Only your arms and your core should move. Conversely, your bust should remain still.

The chair

A great classic at RedSun, the chair consists of placing your back against a wall and forming a right angle at the level of your knees. In addition, your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Once in position, try to maintain the posture as long as possible while sheathing your body.

The rower

Widely used during RedSun crossfit East London sessions, the rower is indeed effective for working your lower body. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you row for one minute at high intensity, then take a 15-second break. Your back and bust should be kept straight to limit the risk of injury.

Would you like to practice at home, but you do not know which rower to choose, or what criteria to consider when buying? To help you in your choice, we have reviewed several types of rowers, all very interesting: the Kettler Favourite rower, the Kettler Kadett rower or the Hop Sport rower HS-060R. This will allow you to gain insight into the various features and benefits of these models. Our detailed advice is also given to you so that you can make an informed choice.

The board

Another great classic often used at RedSun, the plank consists of placing your hands on the ground and placing yourself in a push-up position. During the exercise, your hands should be about a chest width apart, your abs and buttocks tight, and your neck and back straight. Your head should also be in line with your back. Once in position, maintain the posture for 20 seconds.

If you want a more intense variant, opt for the side press. Once in the plank position, support yourself on two dumbbells (one in each hand) and lift them one at a time. For this exercise to be effective, the dumbbell must be brought close to your chest and your elbow pressed against your body.

The jump

The aim of this exercise is to get in and out of a "box". If you are just starting out and / or are not comfortable, move up and down, going up one leg after the other. Also, remember to change legs each time. Then, when you feel ready, jump and descend with both feet at the same time. When you finish, don't forget to straighten your legs.

You can alternate with simple jump rope exercises. At first, alternate with one foot, then the other. Once comfortable, jump with your feet together.

The jumped lunge

For this exercise, stand with your feet apart the width of your pelvis, hands on your hips and back straight. With the right foot, take a step forward, bend your legs, pointing your knee towards the floor. Then change legs by jumping. Warning ! Your knees should not go past the tips of your feet.

The advantages of crossfit

As explained, crossfit is a fitness program that combines various gymnastic, weightlifting and endurance exercises. By practicing this sport, you will therefore be able to enjoy and feel all the advantages of these disciplines. Here they are detailed.

Improved cardio and physical condition

Crossfit is high intensity training. It is donc effective in improving and developing physical condition. With this activity, cardio and endurance can also be developed quickly.

The intensity of the training, of course, depends on each individual and the effort made by each person. So, if you want to set up a more intensive program, you can increase the weights or even the distance.

A useful daily activity

With crossfit, you will be required to perform functional movements that you do every day (sitting, jumping, lifting things, running, etc.). When practicing this sport, you will therefore have to perform movements that you know, but that you may not do correctly. Thanks to crossfit, you will adopt the right positions!

Work the abs RedSun crossfit


Crossfit at RedSun is a complete sporting activity that allows you to gain strength, endurance, power, balance, flexibility or even precision. But this sport is also effective for losing weight. Indeed, crossfit is beneficial for losing weight quickly thanks to the intense efforts made during each workout.

Boredom does not exist

During a workout, you will be constantly on the move. You will also have to perform many exercises; a variety that avoids falling into boredom and monotony. Indeed, crossfit at RedSun is based on various and varied movements of endurance, weightlifting and gymnastics. The many possibilities of combinations of exercises make this sport unique and prevent practitioners from falling into a certain routine, sometimes synonymous with reduced motivation. By practising crossfit at RedSun you will be able to stay motivated and reach your goal more easily!

The disadvantages and risks of this sport

Crossfit is therefore a sport with considerable advantages, but it is not without drawbacks, nor without risks.

As noted, crossfit is an intense sport that requires endurance and strength. Engaging in this activity without being guided by a coach is therefore not recommended. Without a professional to correct your bad postures, you increase the risk of injury. Think about it!

To prevent the risk of injury, it is also important to stretch well. RedSun always say listen to your body and do not exceed your limits, this is essential!

Tips for practicing crossfit well at RedSun:

Dumbbells: crossfit essentials If you want to get started in crossfit, the first rule to follow is the following. If you are not enrolled in a structure with a coach to support you, it is essential to develop good habits from the start and adopt the right techniques. It is indeed much more important than looking directly for performance.

To properly learn the practice of this sport, take it step by step. It is essential to master the techniques and movements as well as possible so as not to injure yourself. At the beginning, favor light loads and do not ban warm-ups or stretching. These should be done at the start and at the end of your training.

Another important point: do not try to surpass yourself and spend more than necessary. On the contrary, you risk hurting yourself. Rapid exhaustion of your body can also occur.

Turning to a coach is therefore the best solution to avoid mistakes and limit the risk of injury. This professional will be able to guide you and teach you the right movements to perform.

Where to practice this sport?

Crossfit is a free workout that can be done anywhere. Enthusiasts can train in a specialized gym, at home and even outdoors. If you want to get started at home, it's important to equip yourself. Among the essential equipment, you can find the pull-up bar, dumbbells, or the rower.

Another important point: your training should take place according to a program defined by the WOD. The latter may vary depending on the training day.

Thanks to this comprehensive guide, you already have a good overview of crossfit. If you want to get started in the practice of this sport, remember that the accompaniment of a coach is essential to learn the right postures, the right movements and to avoid injury.


CrossFit is a comprehensive, general and inclusive strength and conditioning program that uses high intensity, constantly varying and functional movements with the objective of optimizing the participant's physical competence in each of ten areas of fitness. recognized: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, energy, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision. We believe that we are as fit as we are proficient in each of these areas.

Often described as the "fitness sport," the CrossFit program was developed by Greg Glassman who started out with the specific objective of developing a fitness methodology that would empirically produce unparalleled athletic performance. Making use of movements and techniques from three modalities - gymnastics, cardiovascular conditioning and weight lifting - CrossFit strives to prepare participants for any physical eventuality - not only for the unknown, but also for what may not be known .

In our opinion, RedSun CrossFit is without a doubt the most effective fitness regimen in the world and we have empirical results to prove it. CrossFit athletes - and that is exactly what they are, athletes - can claim the title of "World's Best Fitness". It's no accident that CrossFit is the training method of choice where physical performance is the primary determinant of success. It is now the primary conditioning and strength program for most police academies around the world, tactical operations teams, firefighters, military special operations units, martial arts champions, and thousands of other elite and professional athletes around the world.

For more details and to register for the RedSun CrossFit Basic Skills course, please click here.

What is a CrossFit workout?

CrossFit is a sport and, like most sports, it is best played in concert with other athletes. While the workouts prescribed in CrossFit can certainly be done alone in your basement or garage, the sense of community, camaraderie and competition that is at the heart of the RedSun CrossFit experience can only be fully appreciated in a CrossFit gym such as RedSun CrossFit.

CrossFit training is typically offered in regularly scheduled small group training sessions led by a qualified and professional CrossFit trainer at RedSun. Sessions are usually one hour long and are devoted to learning, practicing and performing prescribed functional movements. Because training sessions are constantly changing by design, no two CrossFit sessions are ever the same. We don't use machines because in CrossFit you are the machine. We use bars and weights, we climb and jump rope, we use Kettle Bells, training balls, rings, pull-up bars, the floor and the wall. We use our hands and feet, our arms and legs, back and stomach. RedSun push, we pull, we lift, we run, we jump, we climb, we throw, we row, we compete, we laugh, we cheer, we work, we have fun. This is everything you loved about the PE class, the schoolyard and the backyard all at the same time.

You will be working harder than ever and you are going to love it.

Can anyone do it?

Yes! The great thing about CrossFit is that this program is designed for universal scalability, making this program ideal for anyone who is motivated, regardless of background, age or gender. The same workout routines apply for everyone from the elderly with heart disease to caged fighters, from children to Navy SEALS. We change the load and the intensity; RedSun adjust the exercises, weights and reps to suit ability, but our methodology remains the same - because it works. Young or old, male or female, couch potato or world-class athlete, CrossFit should be a part of your regular exercise routine.

I am already playing or training for another sport. Should I train with RedSun CrossFit?

Yes, but only if you want to improve.

CrossFit is a comprehensive discipline of health and fitness. CrossFit is meant to be the opposite of a specialized athletic effort. By virtue of its holistic nature and its focus on multiple areas and physical capabilities, CrossFit has the unique ability to improve athletic performance in virtually any environment.

what sport because this program focuses exclusively on the athlete's level of fitness rather than sport specific skills. In other words, while practicing sport specific skills in your sport improves your technical skills, RedSun CrossFit will make you a better and more physically fit athlete. It will allow you to jump higher, run faster, hit harder, endure longer and compete at a higher physical level.

If you play in a recreational sports league or are a high performance hobbyist or professional athlete, you need to train with CrossFit if you really want to improve your performance.

What is OLY?

OLY or Olympic Weightlifting is one of the oldest and most revered sports in the world and, along with gymnastics and metabolic conditioning, forms the triad of athletic disciplines that form the basis of CrossFit. It's also the part of CrossFit that causes the most anxiety and misinformation because it's the part participants know the least about.

Everyone knows and has probably tried push-ups or a 5k run, but how many people have done a Snatch or Clean Jerk? The answer is simple - not enough people. It is a well-known fact that Olympic weightlifting is unmatched in the development of an athlete's power, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, agility, precision and balance.

We consider it virtually impossible for an athlete to achieve their true fitness potential without incorporating elements of Olympic weightlifting into their workouts. Believe it or not, Olympic weightlifting is actually the part of training that "CrossFitters" tend to enjoy the most.

Will I get "massive" or gain weight with CrossFit at RedSun?

Enter “CrossFit athletes” in Google and take a look at the photos. If you like what you see, then this should answer your question. It is important to keep in mind that CrossFit at RedSun is unlike bodybuilding for example, is not concerned with overdeveloping certain muscle groups. We strive to create athletes in good physical condition. The fact that healthy individuals also look good in swimsuits is simply a practical by-product of this program.

The point is, RedSun haven't yet come across a single CrossFitter who isn't happy with their body. That said, we do recognize that there may be some reluctance on the part of newcomers - especially women - to fully accept the weight-bearing exercises of a workout early on. As such, RedSun CrossFit is pleased to offer an "offloaded" variation of the traditional CrossFit program. These classes offer the opportunity to try CrossFit at a more measured level of intensity.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

CrossFit is physical activity, and like any activity, this program comes with some risk. It is always strongly recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional before undertaking any strenuous physical activity.

People often ask us at RedSun if CrossFit is more dangerous than other sports or training methods? The answer is no. In fact, we can say that when practised correctly, RedSun CrossFit, which relies on basic functional movements (i.e. the movements for which your body was actually designed and built), is in fact a safer alternative to many other common training methods or sport specific movements, which force the athlete to perform static, repetitive and unnatural body movements.

Has anyone injured while training with CrossFit? Yes of course. Can you think of a sport or activity in which a participant has never been injured? RedSun didn't think that would be the case. Show us a training method in which no one has ever been hurt, and we'll show you one that is ineffective. CrossFit does not introduce any new, previously preventable injuries. That said, as with all sports, CrossFit is not immune to the potential harmful effects that result from poor training habits, poor technique, a trainer who is not up to par, or stupid behavior.

Of course, that is not the point. Without a doubt, the real danger that you should worry about would be if you did not train with CrossFit. Heart disease, diabetes and high blood sugar are dangerous. An insufficient muscular and skeletal system properly developed is dangerous. Living a sedentary life is dangerous. Not properly preparing your body to deal with decay and the ravages of old age is dangerous. RedSun can tell you that CrossFit protects you from these dangers, maintains your well-being, gets you in shape and will keep you from ending up in a hospice.

How can I get started?

RedSun CrossFit makes it easy to get started in CrossFit. We recognize that most people get a little worried when they try something new or join a new community. We therefore offer special basic technique lessons specifically designed for new members and / or beginner CrossFitters.

During your hour-long introductory class, you and a few other newbies will get together with one of our coaches, who will take a few minutes to show you around and introduce you to other members of the RedSun community. Once you have the overview, your trainer will do a warm-up and begin to introduce some basic CrossFit concepts and movements. At RedSun you will learn what a WOD is and why everyone is talking about, and damn, these ladies named Fran and Cindy (trust us, you won't like them at first - they are bitches). At the end of the session, you and your RedSun trainer will have the opportunity to discuss how the session went and what will follow.



The word CrossFit comes from Cross Fitness (French: cross training), so called because it mixes different pre-existing physical and sports activities.

RedSun CrossFit practitioners run, row, rope, jump, move objects, perform Olympic weightlifting movements as well as bodyweight exercises, use dumbbells, gymnastic rings, boxes, kettlebells, bags and all other items that can be used for training.

CrossFit centers its functioning around 10 athletic skills: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotor skills, balance and precision.

The CrossFit program wants to increase the working capacity in these different areas by causing neurological and hormonal adaptations through training through the different metabolic pathways. This is to prepare its practitioners to adapt to any physical exertion encountered every day thanks to the variety of workouts, the use of poly-articular movements and the high intensity of the work.

All the benefits and results of this innovative approach to fitness are unrivaled or comparable with any other method known to date.



There is no typical profile of the practitioner, it goes from children to seniors, through high level athletes to increase their performance or even firefighters, elite police units and the military (in the UK, CrossFit centers at military bases).

For high performance athletes, in addition to their discipline, the goal is to improve performance in each of the three metabolic pathways: aerobic, anaerobic lactic acid and anaerobic alactic.

Be careful, this is not about bodybuilding and even less about bodybuilding! In CrossFit centers, no mirror, no ego, only results and friendliness between practitioners.


CrossFit training revolves around WOD (WorkOut of the Day): each day a WO (WorkOut) is chosen and then performed after a warm-up session. WODs are made up of one or more exercises, all linked together in different formats.

The exercises used in CrossFit are grouped into 3 categories:

Gymnastics (push-ups, pull-ups, flexions, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, etc.)

Cardio (running, rowing, skipping rope, etc.)

Weightlifting / powerlifting (snatch, clean and jerk, squat.

A multitude of working formats exist to structure the exercises, a few examples:

By decreasing series (21-15-9, 21-18-15-12-9-6-3, etc.)

In AMRAP (as many rounds as possible, as many rounds as possible) in maximum format (1-1-1-1-1, 3-2-2-1-1, etc.)

Format type "bear complex" based on a precise sequence and in which the load is increased at each turn

Pyramid (1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1)

In addition to this, four types of sessions exist:

Skills whose goal is to learn training techniques

Strength, the goal being to develop your maximum strength capacity on one or more exercises

Metcons (METabolic Conditioning), where the goal is to perform a WOD at maximum intensity and try to finish the WOD as quickly as possible.

Cardio, the goal being to develop your endurance capacity.

What is CrossFit ®?

Everyone has, at least vaguely, heard of CrossFit ®. On Facebook or Instagram, your friends and acquaintances post about it. TV reports multiply ... Most sports stores offer a section of clothing and shoes dedicated to CrossFit ®. However, although everyone has heard of CrossFit ® and more or less knows the basics, a certain mystery remains and many questions remain unanswered.

The best way to discover this sport that we are talking about more and more is to go to a CrossFit ® box (that's what we call CrossFit rooms) and try a class to get an idea. how a WOD (Workout of the Day) takes place.

You may or may not like it. To help you get a clearer picture, before you buy your outfit and pay for a membership, here's a look at what CrossFit ® is and its history.

RedSun gives a briefT history of CrossFit ®

The idea for CrossFit ® was born a long time ago, in the late 60's and early 70's. Around this time, a teenager named Greg Glassman was taking gymnastics lessons. He quickly realizes that he can become a better gymnast just by using dumbbells and bars, but that these techniques would not allow him to progress in other physical and sports activities, such as cycling or swimming for example. .

He then begins to develop a training technique that will allow him to become a more seasoned athlete, whatever discipline he practices.

greg glassman inventor crossfit®

Courtesy CrossFit ® Inc.

Glassman decided to apply and teach his theory to others by opening his own gymnasium in Santa Cruz, California, in 1995. His method quickly became very popular, not only with amateur and elite athletes. , but also with the police and the army for physical preparation.

Following the success of her program, she got the idea of ​​trying to set up classes with several people. Once again, success is there and her classes are sold out. Glassman then notices that most people like to work in groups.

So, in 2000, he decided to formalize his training method, which he called "CrossFit ®", in French "crossed training". At the start, CrossFit ® had 13 members. In 2020, there are more than 15,000 affiliated theaters around the world.

The Benefits of CrossFit ®

CrossFit ® has a number of advantages. In short, RedSun CrossFit ® is all about a workout that conditions the individual to do a wide variety of exercises. Whether your goal is to prepare for a tough competition, gain muscle mass, mow the lawn without exhausting yourself, or improve your body composition, CrossFit ® can help.

Our training method at RedSun uses functional exercises to make you versatile, improving your performance in several areas such as balance, mobility, strength, explosiveness, agility, posture, etc. to strengthen your abdominal belt, your back, in short to acquire a better general state of health. RedSun CrossFit ® also decreases the risk of injury. In summary, the method helps you become more functional for everyday life.

wod crossfit room

RedSun CrossFit ® offers much more. Since there are a wide variety of exercises and ways to combine them, members do something different every workout. Thus, they are never bored and get results very quickly. Added to this is the possibility of losing weight faster than if you were doing a so-called "regular" strength training session, while still getting great results.

Finally, the CrossFit ® community at RedSun pushes you to go further, with its encouragement, support and motivation. It is often said that it is both an individual and a team sport.

Workouts or WOD (Workout of the Day)

The idea of ​​every CrossFit ® workout is to be short and intense. There is no time to stop and think. Each CrossFit ® session is designed to put your body and mind to the test.

all about crossfit

At RedSun East London we've discussed, every CrossFit ® WOD (workout) is different. The session starts with a Warmup, followed by a Skill (technical work on one of the movements of the discipline) and generally ends with an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible or as many laps as possible). It is then a matter of performing a series of several functional movements in the form of a circuit.

For example, the coach can give a time limit of 5 minutes and ask the athletes to do 5 push-ups first, then 10 tractio ns, then 5 deadlifts. This set of exercises should be completed as many times as possible within five minutes. Discover the different CrossFit ® WODs here.

Another possible scenario: the coach can set up a For Time. This consists of making a list of movements as quickly as possible. For example, performing 10 burpees, 15 push-ups, 20 pull-ups, 30 air squats, 40 sit-ups.

As the workouts progress, the participant learns to get out of his comfort zone, while improving his physical capacities and his resistance to the exercises. After a few weeks or a few months, the RedSun crossfitter notices a noticeable improvement in his cardio, but also in his physique. Many people at RedSun East London CrossFit ® practitioners keep journals so they can track their progress.

CrossFit ® Boxes

CrossFit ® boxes are not like other gyms. Due to the popularity of this discipline, many classic gyms are starting to create sections dedicated entirely to RedSun CrossFit East London ® workouts, which they call crosstraining. However, CrossFit ® affiliated boxes are different.

what is crossfit

They often look like an old hangar with a large open space, and there are no machines.

The equipment you will find in a RedSun CrossFit East London Box comes down to bars for pull-ups and other muscle-up type exercises, jump ropes, climbing ropes, rowers, gymnastic rings, dumbbells, barbells. weightlifting, kettlebells, resistance bands, plyo boxes, or even tires. Also, coaches must have a CrossFit ® Level 1 diploma to be able to teach the discipline.

Our advice at RedSun: find a CrossFit ® box and do a test session in order to better discover the discipline and to make up your own mind. Chances are you won't come out disappointed!

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