redsun adaptive program™

At redsun Fitness, we are at the forefront of adaptive training. We have pioneered a unique redsun Adaptive Program™ to make redsun accessible to everyone, including the impaired athlete.

We are currently partnered with the National Health Service of the UK where we are applying our redsun Adaptive Program™ to teach clients with lifelong learning disabilities skills to improve their levels of fitness and help them achieve a healthier life. Many of these clients are obese and have been leading a very sedentary lifestyle putting them at high risk of chronic diseases.

Using our redsun Adaptive Program™, we devised a workout strategy targeted specifically at their abilities and level of fitness. And with the help of a certified dietician, we complemented their training with a bespoke nutrition plan to maximize their benefits. The aim has been to help these clients get on the path of an improved and sustained wellbeing.

our coaching

Our coaching staff have specialist degrees in adaptive training, and have extensive experience training athletes with physical, intellectual, and developmental impairment. We have successfully applied the methods in the redsun Adaptive Program™ to various clients, with life changing results.

our belief

Our belief is that with the right coaching support and the right environment, anyone can achieve what they didn't think possible and change their lives for the better.

Updated: on 27/07/2022 at 13:19 am