We at Red Sun believe that CrossFit is for everyone. CrossFit is a very effective training program for getting healthy and losing weight, and our ethos is rooted in openness, accessibility, and wellness. It's an easy and fun workout, and is all about exercising in a communal and inclusive environment.

We want to empower you to live better, and we believe that our classes will change your life.

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Super simple: it is a constantly varied fitness program incorporating functional movements borrowed from gymnastics, weightlifting and different cardio elements (running, rowing, cycling etc).

The goal here is to develop several abilities and transfer them into your everyday life. Playing with your children, picking up your shopping bags, placing a box on a shelf, running after your bus... these are just some of the everyday life activities which will get easier with CrossFit. CrossFit will get you in better shape and health and will improve your overall quality of life.

The best part of CrossFit though is being part of a community. The importance of social support is that it provides motivation which you won’t typically find in a regular gym. Working out within our CrossFit community makes you feel good and encourages you to push yourself to new limits that you didn’t think were possible. You also meet new people and share every workout and emotional moments with them. You are part of a new family!


The answer is super simple: Yes!

CrossFit is for everyone and is designed for universal scalability, meaning it can be used by anyone. Our classes are open for all ages and all fitness levels. If you're recovering from an injury, or there is an exercise you are not comfortable with, just tell our coaches. We have options for all exercises.

We keep our class sizes small so the coaches can be there to guide you throughout the class. You can expect a personalized experience at Red Sun in line with your goals and needs, which will help you get the most of your training and see fast results.

Here are three videos, to help you better understand each component of CrossFit:


The first step is to sign up to our free taster session, in order to experience first hand a typical Red Sun CrossFit class. Following your taster session, a member of our staff will answer any questions you may have and advise you on the best membership option to meet your goals.

Our CrossFit classes are 1-hour long and begin with an explanation of the workout of the day (WOD) by our coaches. This is followed by a warm-up, then a skill practice or strength session that focuses on the moves to be undertaken in the WOD, followed by the WOD itself. The class ends with a cool down and a few stretches.

Please contact us with any queries you have. A list of our amenities can be found on our gallery page.


If you have done CrossFit before, please take a look at our timetable and membership options. You will need to register an account with us online in order to book your classes. Please contact us with any queries you have. A list of our amenities can be found on our gallery page.

Highly Experienced Coaching

Our coaches will always be first in their class. For example, our current head coach is a former Firefighter from the most elite brigade of France, and competes regularly in the CrossFit sphere. Our box will look to partner with coaches who are keen to make a difference, work with technology and who will put in their upmost effort in helping others surpass their limits, no matter their initial ability.

Our current head coach holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports, two professional certificates, and several CrossFit certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports
  • Professional Certificate of Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Professional Certificate of Sports Education
  • CrossFit Courses: Gymnastics • Weightlifting • Powerlifting • Strongman • 2018 Judges Course
  • Suspension Training TRX • Group Training TRX
  • Personal Trainer for 7 years

Our Program


60 minute conditioning program using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Our flagship class. Suitable for all levels.

Open Gym

Come and practice at your own pace. Our coaches are on hand to help you use our gym.


30 minute session to improve your range of motion and joint mobility. Helps prevent injury and sustains performance improvement. Free for all members.

Red Sun Burner

30 minute high intensity workout using functional body weight movements and light to moderate loads. Perfect for beginners or those with a busy schedule.

Red Sun Engine

30 minute pure cardio session. Will keep you burning calories long after the workout.

Red Sun Core

30 minute workout with focus on core and abs.